Digital & Interactive Projects

Unwanted Guests – Interactive Short Film (in development)

Role: Creative Producer

An interactive experience that explores mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.

Logline: A man enters his flat to find two strange visitors who refuse to leave. 
Style: 2D animation mixed with live-action footage.
Genre: dark comedy. 

More info coming soon…

Cric Crac Tales – Augmented Reality Experience (in development)

Role: Creator/Creative Producer

An augmented reality project about Afro-Caribbean folklore and the tradition of oral storytelling. 

AR prototype available upon request.

‘Where’s Steven?’ – Augmented Reality Kids Game Prototype

Short Zappar AR Prototype based on the Steven Universe show.

Summary: Local multiplayer game where the players have to find as many characters as they can by looking through a map/2D animated world using their devices as an ‘interactive magnifying glass’. The players will be able to ‘tap’ the characters once found on their devices (phone/tablet).